Programas de educación para la salud
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Chronic Illness and Insurance:

How to Navigate the Challenges

Speakers: Stacy Monahan Tucker and Elizabeth Green attorneys at Kantor & Kantor

Thursday, July 21, 2022 

5pm PST / 8pm EST

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Programas de educación para la salud
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Impact of Mental Health on Chronic Illness & Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Speakers: Kerry Heckman, MSW, LICSW & Natalie Hopkins, MSW - Saturday, April 10, 2021. 

Chronic Illness & You: LGBTQ! - panel discussion and resource event for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and live with chronic illness - September 22, 2018

Working with Chronic Illness: Success when Facing Health Challenges in the World of Work - a comprehensive presentation considering employment and chronic illness - June 17, 2017

Living with Chronic Illness: Coping Tools for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety - a look at the emotional impact of living with ongoing illness -

April 8, 2017

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